miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008


I've been walking through your streets,

Where all you money is earned,

Where all your buildings are crying,

And clueless neckties working,

Revolving fake lawn houses,

Housing all your fears,

Desensitized by tv,

Overbearing advertising,

God of consumerism,

And all your crooked pictures looking good,

Mirrorism, filtrating information for the public eye,

Designed for profiteering,

Your neighboor, what a guy.

Modern globalization, coupled with condemnations,

Unnecessary death,

Matador corporations, puppeting your frustrations,

With the blinded flag,

Manufacturing consent is the name of the game,

The bottom line is money, nobody gives a fuck.

4000 hungry children leave us per hour from starvation,

While billions spent on bombs, creating death showers.

Why must we kill our own kind?
La foto se llama: "bardeaba el tipo.jpg"
La banda: "System of a down"
El disco: "Steal this album"
El arquero de la reserva de boca: "Caranta"
La película que casi arruina la carrera de Jim Carrey: "Cable guy"
Y si nosotros sacamos los chistes de Los simpsons o Family guy

2 comentarios:

Julia dijo...

che loco siempre subis algo cuando yo subo...
deja de copiarme queres?
dame exlusividad!
ya todos sabemos que si fueras nena serias mi mejor amiga, pero basta cortala

besos juanete en el dedo gordo del pie

Nicolás dijo...

Ese si que es un tipo rebelde.